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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call Us: (207) 775- 3181

Have you moved?

  • No. We’re still operating out of the same location we’ve been at since 1896.

Do you buy metal?

  • Yes. We purchase & recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Do you buy cars?

  • No, we do not purchase whole cars. We do however purchase components such as wheels, batteries, radiators, catalytic converters, etc.

Do you sell car parts?

  • No, we are not an auto salvage yard.

Do you retail?

  • We are not in the business of retailing, as we are a a wholesaler. However, there are a few specific items that we are willing to retail (subject to availability).

Do you pick-up?

  • We offer routine pickup for our industrial clients. However, we do not pick up residential scrap. We can try to offer a referral based on your location. Bear in mind that a residential pick up may result in some type of cost.

Is it necessary to schedule an appointment to sell my scrap metal?

  • No. It’s typically first come first serve basis.

Are there any requirements for selling scrap metal to you?

  • Yes. By law all customers must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid drivers license or state ID. In addition the seller must provide the make, model, and license plate number from the vehicle used to deliver the scrap. Any material deemed suspicious will require a formal letterhead citing proof of origin.

What is your process for doing business entail?

  • We ask that all customers check in the office first. After a valid ID is presented and vehicle info is documented, we will examine the load, and direct you as to where you’ll unload. In cases where the customer has multiple items that are segregated, we will weigh each item separately. When all material has been unloaded and weighed, we will issue the customer a check accompanied by a receipt.

Do you post prices?

  • No. Given the volatile nature of commodities, prices fluctuate constantly on any given day. Therfore it is best to call or submit a request for current pricing.

What is considered prepared #1 steel?

  • Material measuring at least a 1/4” in thickness, and no greater than 5 feet in length and 2 feet in width.

What is considered prepared stainless steel?

  • Non-magnetic stainless that is free of any non-stainless attachments, and measurements no greater than 5 feet in length and 2 feet in width.

What is your policy regarding tanks and cylinders?

  • All tanks and cylinders must be cut in half and free of any standing fluids. 

What is considered #1 Copper?

  • For tubing: Must be free of paint, solder, or braising; cannot be used oil or gas line, must be unalloyed and unthreaded.
  • For wire: Heavy gauge (greater than a pencil lead in thickness) that is free of paint, soldered pieces, lacquer, attachments, clips, and/or insulation; cannot be leaded or tinned. No welding leed, or hair wire.

What is considered clean aluminum?

  • Aluminum scrap that is free of steel, wood, plastic, glass, styrofoam, or any other material.

How do you grade catalytic converters?

  • It is difficult to price converters over the phone even with a description. We can certainly give you a price range, but it is best to bring the converter to our yard for grading and a price quote. Converters are graded based on whether they are OEM or after-market converters.

Do you purchase E-scrap?

  • Yes. We purchase complete CPU towers as well as boards. However, we don’t accept monitors, printers, or keyboards.


E. Perry Iron and Metal Co. Inc. was established in 1896 by Eli Perry. For over one hundred years, we have been one of the leading scrap metal recycling businesses in Northern New England, servicing the municipal, industrial, and private sectors. 


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